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Artificial Intelligence made to help with social media

Technology watch

Enable RSS Feeds to make your own technology watcher

Be active any time

Twinybots keeps your presence on social networks at every second

Smart content (AI)

We build your post to be unique.

Time saving

Your time is valuable

Stunning Features

Eliminate your network presence stress
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Automatic Post or Validation System
Our service will post content on socials networks without your intervention. But you can also choose to post only content that you first approved.
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Easy interface
The twinybots interface is made to be user friendly. 
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Highly customisable 
Behaviours of our robots are highly customisable. Chose posting rate, open hours, post kind ratio (tweet, retweet or like) and multiples of others parameters. 
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Customers support
If you have any queries or issues, the customers support is quick to answer. (according to our time zone UTC+1)
  • Switch mode to filter your content manually

    Automatic or manual

    You can choose to post only paper that you approve by selecting the new

  • Easy to select interest fields

    Pre-selected trendy subjects

    Select pre-baked categories to be influencer on these or chose word by word your interests.

  • Watch your feeds easily

    Quick Statistics

    Use the dashboard to watch every post you send on socials networks or use RSS feeds to keep your content everywhere.

Use RSS feeds on your websites
Smart content auto generated.

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Why social networks bots ?

Necio was founded by computer scientist (PhD computer science) and AI engineer.

Bored to waste time by managing communication, we have created bots able to design smart post on social networks.
Why social networks bots ?

Necio was founded by computer scientist (PhD computer science) and AI engineer. Bored to waste time by managing communication, we have created bots able to design smart post on social networks.

-- FAQS --
Safe, reliable, and unique.
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What your bots do, what will be left to my charge ?
  1. Our bots will post smartly chosen content on your twitter and/or Linkedin account. It will write posts according to a list of subjects that you will state.
  2. You will need to manage followers and custom communication like your company external events.
Which warranties ?
  1. Posting interesting content every day.
  2. The content could be Home made tweet for you, re-tweet or likes. We do all this thing to make your activity varied.
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How to start ?
  1.  Sign-in on
  2. For 15 days you can switch from free plan to Home or Pro without credit card.

Subscribe now for free.

$ Free

1 Twinybots Post on Twitter 'via @Twinybots' in post Allowed topics only No support

$ 15

1 Twinybot Post on Twitter Allowed topics only 15 days free trial Standard support

$ 35

2 Twinybots Post on Twitter Post on Linkedin Post on Buffer RSS Feed Twitter direct messages to new followers Allowed topics only 15 days free trial Premium support

For custom needs or topics, please contact us.


Special services for custom needs

  • Automation on direct messages

  • Add daily marketing posts

  • Custom social networks bots (Yammer, Teams, Slack... )

  • Manage followers list

  • Subjects monitoring and alerts

  • Any idea ?

Few example of Twinybots
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Twitter - Necio news
#VirtualReality, #AugmentedReality, #InternetOfThings, #SmartCity, #Robot
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Linkedin - Ana Latour
#ChatBot, #ArtificialIntelligence
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Twitter - Twinybots
#ChatBot, #ArtificialIntelligence

Subjects actually managed

We could add relevant subject if it is relevant for multiple customers, 
do not wait to send us subjects that might be interesting.
User experience

UI, UX, MaterialDesign, DesignThinking, Prototyping...

Crypto currency

Bitcoin, CryptoCurency, Ethereum, Blockchain...


InternetOfThings, VirtualReality, BioHacking, Futurism...


Nasa, SpaceX, Nanotechnology, BioTech...

City & Environment

SmartCities, OpenData, Biodiversity, ClimateChange...


LeanStartup, Coaching, MindMapping, Innovation...


ContentMarketing, AIMarketing, SocialMedia, Digital...


Health, Nutrition, Fitness, MedTech, eHealth...

Artificial Intelligence

DeepLearning, NeuralNetworks, Chatbots, ArtificialIntelligence...


Fintech, Insurancem Banking, Forex, Trading...


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us now.