Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 3, CH-1228 Plan-les-ouates

Tales From The Farm – Contemplating Spring Third in an ongoing series inspired by my youngest daughter, Evie’s tales from the Rescue where she volunteers 🙂 Spring is here, we’ve had some lovely weather and brighter days are definitely here! There are some dark clouds around still, and a bit of wet mud, but there’s a different feel in the air that is tangible! This is the strangest Spring ever perhaps with Covid-19 making its presence felt (the dark clouds in the image aren’t just literal), but with the better weather comes the chance to simply sit and be, in the fields, with the animals. I’ve often thought through these past weeks how the animals have no idea what’s going on (rescued and wild animals). They carry on as they were. And within our limitations, that’s we have to do as well, albeit with altered routines at times. The rainbow, as ever, the sign of hope. So take the time to just sit and be; to appreciate those around you, physically or virtually, human or non-human. If we all look out for each other, we’ll be OK whatever comes! Source: SwissUXNews