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Bob Ross Punk #17 – Bob Ross Punks

The punks you’ve all been waiting for are finally here… Just like Bob, we will **ALWAYS** put quality over quantity. **52** unique, 1:1 punk designs will be curated, each inspired by a masterpiece painting. Properties reflect that of the original Crypto Punk used. Once purchased, you will unlock: Link to the **FULL SIZE** *HD* file ready to print! **Pricing:** **#01 – #10:** up to Ξ0.1 **SOLD OUT** **#11 – #20:** Ξ0.1 **#21 – #30:** Ξ0.15 **#31-40:** Ξ0.2 **#41-50:** TBD **#51 + #52:** DUTCH AUCTION *Lightly sprinkled with animated rares. *Not affiliated with Larva Labs / Bob Ross Inc.* *This collection was **NOT** made by Bob Ross himself or Bob Ross Inc.* *We do not run any other “Bob Ross” collections.* Source: SwissUXNews